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Some of Our Amazing Features

Smartly is a web-based, highly secure mobile application for managing client contracts, payments and scheduling appointments
EASY TO USE Smartly creates smart agreements between you and your clients
AFFORDABLE Smartly is pay as you go. You don’t have to pay subscription or even joining fees
AUTOMATED Smartly will send automatic appointment reminders to your clients and automatically execute payments in line with your contract terms
TRACKING Smartly will track cash inflows and monitor ongoing agreements

Mission Statement

Smartly is in the business of assisting your business. We want to provide our customers with the easiest to use & most effective client management solution. Smartly is here to take on a multiple of your time-consuming management tasks & to help you create a professional process driven business. We also want your cash flow concerns de-risked by our technology. Jump on board with & start to “Engage Smartly” with your clients, and change the way you do business
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Why Choose Smartly


    Smartly is pay as you go. You don’t have to pay subscription or even joining fees

    Smartly is always on, always managing your clients and event sales and is the 100% reliable solution you’ve been looking for

    Smartly allows you to contract with clients or setup a point of sale on social media in four simple steps – it’s easy with Smartly
  • FAST

    Setup a contract or an event sale in a matter of seconds – Smartly is your speedy business solution

    Smartly has an intuitive user interface and is an easy to use client and business sales management solution

    Once you have setup your contract or event sale, you can sit back while smartly conducts your business for you, all you have to do is provide your service – give yourself more down time, use Smartly

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Smartly is an affordable solution for small businesses and it will certainly eliminate the stress and worries directly linked to client management

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